Commercial Specialty Lighting

When you need custom lighting for your business location, Innovation Group Electric is the one to call. Our expert electricians can provide energy efficient, customized lighting for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you’d like a festive lighting display for your storefront during the holiday season, better lighting for the landscaping around the building, or parking lot lighting, it’s no problem. Lighting can bring a new look to your property or bring new focus and attention to a certain area, and also provide convenience and security.

Electrical Contractor

One of the major reasons we are preferred is because our technicians work with superior electrical materials and equipment. As much as we have introduced many electrical component manufacturers, we do our in-house assessment while warranties and guaranties are followed up to the last bit. As your preferred commercial electrical service provider in Dallas, we deploy only the best of materials most notable for quality.

We approach all our electrical contracts with professional simplicity. Our per-commencement conference is an ice breaker for all that is involved in the job. Here questions are asked and best practice answers are noted. From the technical drawing, each member of our engineers on-site is abreast of the progress of the job. The electricians do help make corrections and draw the attention of the co-workers to some details they may have by-passed. Our approach to commercial electrical contracts helps us complete sophisticated and intricate jobs with excellence. With all these and more, we have given professional services in specialized electrical construction work in designing, installations and maintenance of electrical system with ease.